Logistics Cabinet

On February 16, 2012, the Minister of Commerce Ricardo Quijano officially launched the Logistics Cabinet. The Cabinet is constituted by the public and private sector and it's main task is to integrate plans, programs and goals into a master program that promotes Panama as a logistics and commercial hub.

The structure

  • Executive Level: Executive committee of Ministers
  • Operative Level: Appointed by MICI who will be following up the meetings
  • Consulting Level: Public and Private institutions appointed by the Executive Committee

The responsibilities

  • Request and gather all the necessary information to create a Master Plan for the National Logistics Development Strategy
  • Recommend the implementation of activities in order to support the strategy
  • Select the work team that will execute the strategy

The Logistics Cabinet will meet every two months. The Master Plan, as well as the all other plans, programs and projects, will be presented to the Cabinet Council for their respective approvals.