First NLC Meeting

The first meeting of the National Logistics Council (NLC) and its four Research Committees was held on October 5 and 6, 2010 with a very dynamic exchange of ideas that gave auspicious direction to the Center's efforts over the later months of 2010. The Council is a platform for discussing the opportunities and challenges that the Georgia Tech Panama Logistics Innovation & Research Center faces in embracing its goal to develop Panama into the Logistics and Trade Hub of the Americas. This first meeting aimed to present to the key logistics players the Center's main objectives, the working strategies to improve Panama's logistics capabilities, and facilitated the initial integration among assets, users and service providers involved in Panama trade and commerce. During these first committee's meetings, the participants made valuable comments collaborating with the continuous efforts of the Center's working agendas.

Infrastructure Committee

The INFRASTRUCTURE Committee, chaired by Dr. Daro Sols, discussed the need to build a baseline of the Panama's logistics capabilities. This is profoundly important to the nation's development and a documentation of the logistics industry's best practices that will help enhance the quality and efficiency of logistics services in Panama.

Information and Technology Committee

The INFORMATION & TECHNOLOGY Committee, chaired by Dr. Don Ratliff, concluded that the Center should create a logistics data repository and information system to support public and private decision making. This information will benefit entrepreneurs and investors, students and researchers, private companies, public officers, developers, and any person that intent to have more updated information about the current logistics capacities of Panama.

Performance Committee

The PERFORMANCE Committee, chaired by Jaymie Forrest, discussed the possibilities to increase the trade and service flows as well as the development of a continuous improvement model leveraging the new capabilities and resources of Panama's logistics assets. An important task will be the development of key indicators to assess the country's logistics performance.

Pro Panama Committee

The PRO PANAMA Committee, chaired by Michelle Sellhorn, concluded that an efficient information system will increase levels of foreign direct investment in the country and that the country needs to speak with "One Voice" in order to demonstrate competitiveness as a local, regional and global hub for logistics services and to capitalize on Panama's true potential. National leaders must create "One Voice" in order to streamline Panama's efforts to become the logistics hub of the Americas. This can only be accomplished by developing the National Logistics Plan with opinions, information and wisdom coming from every perspective.