Dual Master's Program

Master of Science in Supply Chain Engineering


As part of the academic agenda, the Center is promoting the development of dual Master's programs with local Panamanian universities. The first two programs have been implemented with the Technological University of Panama and Universidad Latina de Panamá, both following a structure in agreement with Georgia Institute of Technology guidelines. The ultimate goal is to increase the number and capacity of Panamanian professionals with the knowledge and skills to effectively participate in Panama's productivity transformation in logistics.

Phases of the Program

The program must be completed in three phases within a year:

  • Fall Semester (August - December): The first phase takes place in the local universities in Panama where students cover the academic foundations of operations research, supply chain engineering (warehousing), financing, and statistics.
  • Spring Semester (January - May): In the second phase, all accepted students will join the program at Georgia Tech and will complete the spring semester before returning to Panama. This program provides an opportunity for graduate students from UTP and Latina to complete an accelerated M.Sc. degree from Stewart School of Industrial & Systems Engineering (ISyE) at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia USA.
  • Summer Term (June - July): In the third phase, students carry out their research through the implementation of their capstone project, carefully designed for groups of students to work on finding solutions to Panama's logistics bottlenecks and inefficiencies. Students will work in small teams and be supervised by a faculty member. Projects will be selected from those proposed by sponsoring private and public organizations. The Center will provide hosting and research support and will articulate their results into corresponding applications. Participants will engage with the Center in facing the challenge of providing guidance for continuously improving country level logistics performance in a way that builds local capacity. The Capstone Project provides a good opportunity for faculty collaboration between local universities and Georgia Tech.


All students must qualify according to the standard admissions criteria of the Georgia Institute of Technology:

  • GRE score
  • Undergraduate courses and grade point average
  • Academic and professional letters of recommendations
  • In-person and telephone interviews

More emphasis will be placed on verbal and spoken communications skills and professional career motivation.


Courses to be Completed at Local UniversitiesFallSpringSummer
Prereq.Statistics (Data Management & Analysis)(3)
Prereq.Finance (Investment & Operating Capital Analysis)(3)
1Operation Research 1 (Deterministic Optimization)3
2Operations Research 2 (Variability, Forecasting & Inventory Models)3
3Supply Chain Engineering 1 (via video from Georgia Tech)3
Courses to be Completed at Georgia Tech CampusFallSpringSummer
4Supply Chain Engineering 2 (Design)3
5Supply Chain Engineering 3 (Transportation)3
6Supply Chain Strategy3
7Supply Chain Information Systems3
8Seminar (Facility Tours & Projects)3
Courses to be Completed at the Georgia Tech Panama CenterFallSpringSummer
9Capstone Project6

Additional information

Additional information of the program can be found at http://www.sce.gatech.edu/