Reseach agenda

1. Create data repositories

Develop repositories for data related to capability, costs and performance of Panama's logistics network (infrastructure and logistics services) and trade flows utilizing the network -this entails performing initial assessment of Panama logistics capabilities, designing a database for a supply chain and logistics repository, and designing database for trade flows that leverage Panama's existing network

2. Create models of Panama's existing logistics network

Develop models for representing the components and linkages within Panama's logistics network together with trade flows and potential trade flows utilizing the network.

3. Develop tools for logistics decision support and trade analytics

Provide logistics-related decision support (strategies, methodologies, tools and metrics) to measure and improve individual component performance as well as Panama's overall logistics network performance.

Provide trade-related decision support (strategies, methodologies and tools) to optimize the design of trade chains and trade hubs utilizing Panama's logistics network.

4. Design performance, integration and visibility systems

Design systems for measuring performance, integrating flows and providing visibility with Panama's logistics network -steps include: design a system to monitor and measure the performance of the Panama logistics network; determine what visibility systems are utilized for the various components of the Panama logistics network; design a system to integrate input from the various visibility systems to provide a single window for visibility; design a system to capture times that products enter and leave each location and state of the Panama logistics network; and to design analytics to analyze dwell times, capacity utilization and inventories for each state of the network.

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