Our Commitment to the State of National Emergency

The crisis caused by the Coronavirus pandemic has impacted the world, and Panama is not the exception. To date, we have lost many citizens due to COVID-19, being  vital to follow the guidelines of the health institutions.

COVID-19 News and Information Portal

Following these recommendations, since mid-March, full-time work from home was implemented at the Georgia Tech Panama Center for all of our staff, guaranteeing their safety and helping to stop the spread of the virus by staying at home.

Additionally, reinforcing our work of providing information and tools to the actors in the logistics sector, the Center has continued to research, innovate and develop knowledge. For this reason, we have developed an informative portal that contains a summary of representative and selected news on the effect of this crisis on various sectors of our society, both nationally and internationally.


During these difficult weeks, we have been in close communication with the public, private and academic actors in the logistics sector, in order to understand their needs and articulate joint initiatives that allow the continuity of a sector that is crucial in times of crisis and recovery. Thus, after communication with a number of actors in the area of ​​epidemiological research, we identified the need to create tools to facilitate the traceability of patients and populations at high risk during the Coronavirus pandemic and also to take advantage of its future use.

Along these lines, and with the collaboration of epidemiologists, we independently designed the ViTAL platform, whose documentation and code will be made available to the public, so that it can be improved and used to deal with this type of situation.

ViTAL facilitates the standardized collection of relevant information on symptoms, events and contacts of patients, the georeferencing of relevant data and the traceability of mobility and interactions of patients over the time, supporting health personnel to identify the origin of the spread, creating an information base to project the evolution of the epidemic and helping to locate possible new cases, before they reach more delicate states.

Visit to learn more about ViTAL, download the functionalities guide or contact us.

Protocol for the Prevention and Care of COVID-19

Georgia Tech Panama Logistics Innovation & Research Center responsibly and in its quest to preserve the health of its collaborators, developed a Prevention Protocol against COVID-19 according to the guidelines established by the Ministry of Health (MINSA) and the Ministry of Labor (MITRADEL).


The objective of this protocol is to provide our collaborators and visitors with the minimum specific guidelines and measures that must be followed for the prevention of Coronavirus, in order to avoid contagion and establish mechanisms for immediate response, in case of alerts for possible cases in the Center. It also contains contingency, safety and hygiene measures in common areas, Center equipment and recommendations for the transportation and mobility of our collaborators.

GT Panama follows the recommendations and protocols established by the Health Authorities and the Central Government to safeguard the health of our collaborators and visitors.


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