Final Project 2016-2017

Distributor of Dry-goods to Retail Outlets

September 2, 1993

M. Sc. in Supply Chain Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology

M. Sc. in Supply Chain Engineering
Universidad Latina de Panamá

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering
Universidad Católica Santa María La Antigua

Ricardo Achurra.

Work Experience:

  • LLamasoft,Inc - Operation Specialist
  • LLamasoft,Inc - Internship


  • Technology Applications in Logistics
  • Port and Maritime Operations
  • Supply Chain Consulting
  • Warehouse Designs
  • Physical Internet

Distributor of Dry-goods to Retail Outlets

Design of a Forward Piece-Pick Area

Ricardo Achurra

The company is dedicated to the distribution of mass consumer products such as drugs, food and personal care items. This project consists of the design of a forward piece-picking operation. A fast-pick or forward pick or primary pick area is a sub-region of the warehouse in which one concentrates picks and orders within a small physical space. Piece-picking is the most labor intensive activity in the warehouse because the product is handled at the smallest units- of-measure.

  • The project focus on reducing labor, handling and errors in the distributor's current piece-picking operations.
  • List of products and quantities that should go into the forward pick area
  • Details of labor implications
  • Complete slotting plan