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Enabling Panama to become the major trade hub for the region.


Panama Logistics Web Portal

This portal was conceived to facilitate access to a wide and centralized repository of information of the trade and logistics activities in Panama...


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Why Panama ProgramAs a multidimensional hub, Panama offers world class logistics facilities and a distinctive distribution platform

Georgia Tech Panama
Logistics Innovation & Research Center

The Georgia Tech Panama Logistics Innovation and Research Center located in Panama City is the latest addition to the Georgia Tech Supply Chain & Logistics Institute (SCL). Under an agreement negotiated with the Panama's National Secretariat of Science, Technology and Innovation (SENACYT), the SCL operates this unique research and education Panama Center focused on logistics and trade. The center has three core thrusts: applied research, education, and competitiveness. The strategic objectives of the Centers are to improve the logistics performance of the country and to aid in developing the logistics and trade capabilities that will enable Panama to become the trade hub of the Americas.