Enabling Panama to become the Major Trade & Logistics Hub for the Americas


Technical arm of the Logistics Cabinet

The Georgia Tech Panama Logistics Innovation and Research Center, a non-profit private interest foundation, is located in Panama City, was launched in 2010 by an agreement between the Georgia Institute of Technology and the Government of Panama through the National Secretariat of Science, Technology and Innovation (SENACYT).


The strategic objectives of the Center are to aid in developing the logistics and trade capabilities that will enable Panama to become the trade hub of the Americas.

In 2015, the Center was designated by the Ministry of Presidency as the Technical Arm of the Logistics Cabinet.

Manzanillo International Terminal

Logistics Node at the Atlantic Side (Colon, Panama)

Evolution of the Logistics Sector in Panama

Evolution of the Logistics Sector in Panama

Technical arm of the

Logístics Cabinet

Ministerio de la Presidencia de Panamá
Gabinete Logístico de Panamá

The office of Coordination of the Logistics Cabinet of the Ministry of the Presidency was created through Executive Decree 881 of November 13, 2014 and began its functions on February 23, 2015.

The main activities of this coordination are to plan, coordinate, support and promote the country as an international logistics platform, exercising control and supervision of the national logistics implementation, its plans and projects.

Applied Research Projects

Driving the Logistics Competitiveness of Panama through knowledge and tools!

Repositorio de datos
Create data repositories
Modelo computacional
Create models of Panama's existing logistics network
Develop tools for logistics decision support and trade analytics
Medida de desempeño
Design performance, integration and visibility systems

We deploy information, conduct applied research and studies to improve competitiveness and to strengthen the human capital of the country.

Educational Programs

Developing Human Capabilities and Transfering Knowledge!

As part of the academic agenda, the Center aims to increase the number and capacity of Panamanian professionals with the knowledge and skills to effectively participate in Panama's productivity transformation in logistics.

Directorio Logístico

Logistics Stakeholders Directory

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