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Mapping, measurement and mitigation proposals for risks of local and systemic disruption in the national logistics conglomerate: Panama as a Resilient Hub

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This project seeks to fully evaluate the risks that may affect the Panama Logistics Hub, providing methodologies and indicators for their measurement. A risk mitigation proposal will be documented, alongside the creation of an interactive web map that allows users to visualize and identify the critical risks of the conglomerate.

The project will consist of mapping, measuring, and generation of proposals for mitigating risks of local and systemic disruption in the national logistics conglomerate.


  • Research on methods and methodologies of resilience plans

  • Establish risk mapping of the logistics conglomerate

  • Create risk mitigation proposal

  • Design an interactive map (web tool) that allows for the visualization and identification of critical risks of the conglomerate.

  • Communicate the results of the study (stakeholders and community)

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  • In the short term, there will be a complete assessment of the risk levels of the logistics hub and defined strategies on how to manage them through key parameters and a defined resilience plan.

  • In the medium term, the objective is for there to be the parameters in place that will allow for the coordination of the logistics nodes when facing a risk and the possibility of visualizing impacts in all sectors, with constant feedback through unions and associations.

  • In the long term, the vision for the project to be of influence in the creation of technologies to detect and mitigate risks or disruptions and speed up decision-making by the actors involved.

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