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Public Transportation

Public transport


The MiBus project consists of a series of processes run in synchronization between the planning department at MiBus and the team of researchers at the GT Panama Center.


These processes rely heavily on "Big Data" analytics and processing to understand what is really happening with the bus transportation system in Panama City.


  • Answer the questions of “Where” and “When” the traffic congestion begins and ends and “Who” is affected.

  • Implement Big Data analytics to derive useful indicators, on daily basis, from the bus’s information systems, like congestion, speed, scheduled vs real bus’s performance and passenger demand levels to mention a few for the entire network.

  • Analyze historical data to provide insights of key bus route behaviors, street anomalies, and possible trends.

The alliance with MiBus allows the Center to automatically receive daily GPS information generated from buses to run a series of custom-made algorithms, so reports and analytics can be automatically sent back to MiBus.

Data providers

Bus data providers
Panama Metro Bus
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