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Applied Research Projects

One of the main goals for the Georgia Tech Panama Logistics Innovation and Research Center is to create models of country-level logistics capabilities that will support the decision-making process for future investments and trade opportunities. Panamanian logistics assets, including seaports, airports, Panama Canal, Free Trade Zone, railroads, road networks, warehouse facilities, technology parks, logistics parks, among others need to be represented within a computer modeling and simulation tools to support performance analysis under varying conditions, integrate flows and provide visibility for both businesses and government sectors. Data and information about each asset and their interaction are being gathered and analyzed to create data repositories that feed models conceptualized using the types of scenarios that will be studied in the future.


Combining an understanding about the Panama Logistics Environment, knowledge about the local, regional and global trade opportunities, and application of the models and indicators, the Center will specify and conduct targeted research, development and innovation tasks that are key to solve the main inefficiencies and shortcomings that exist and improve Panama’s logistics performance.

Our projects are aligned with the Logistics Cabinet

The Center's research and projects follow the direction and needs of the Logistics Cabinet. 

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