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Tariff Search Interactive Tool

Financial Analyst


This tool allows the interactive search of detailed information of the more than 9,000 import tariff items in Panama:

  • its tariff structure

  • taxes and treaties

  • associated permits and licenses

  • associate resolutions and decrees

The tool allows public access, either via the web or as a mobile application, through, to updated, reliable, and transparent data, all in a single place.

Main Users

  • External Users: investors, customs brokers, importers, exporters, students, the general public visiting the Customs website

  • Internal Users: Customs Technical Management Department


  • Confirm Panama as a Logistics and Trade Hub of the region by having a tool of equal competence as countries in the region

  • Minimizes the risks that importers and exporters may incur in their foreign trade operations

  • Help boost foreign investment

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