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InfoLogistica Panama


Mobile device tool that displays, in a single site, strategic indicators to monitor and analyze the country's logistics activity, using comparative and historical data. 


  • Generate inputs for the decision making process through the selection of strategic indicators measuring the National Logistics System performance.

The selection of the main segments took into consideration providing a broad view of all aspects of Panama's logistics platform. These segments are:

  1. General Indicators: Panama’s performance based on economic indicators; GDP, GDP per capita, fuel prices, inflation and unemployment rates and Consumer Price Index.

  2. Global Ranking: Panama’s performance based on global indexes in which Panama’s development is evaluated, such as the Logistics Performance, Global Competitiveness, Doing Business, Liner Shipping Connectivity and Innovation.

  3. Foreign Trade: Panama’s performance based on trade, imports, and exports, including the Special Economic Zones performance, Colon Free Zone, Panama Pacifico, and Free Zones.

  4. Transportation: Panama’s performance based on multimodal activities of the Panama Canal, Seaports, Airports, Land Transportation and Sea Connectivity.

  5. Special Economic Zones: Panama’s performance based on activities, trade, employment and amount of companies stablished in the Special Economic Zones.

  6. Others: Includes indicators relevant for other entities represented in the Logistic Cabinet, such as MIDA.

Each segment has a selection of indicators that took into consideration four main aspects:

  • Must be relevant for high-level users

  • Should be a strategic logistic indicator

  • Should have the possibility of continuous data update, and

  • Should have comparative and historical data

The access to this tool is public and free through:

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