Logistics Cabinet Dashboard


Mobile device tool that displays, in a single site, strategic indicators to monitor and analyze the country's logistics activity, using comparative and historical data. 


  • Generate inputs for the Logistics Cabinet's decision making process through the selection of strategic indicators measuring the National Logistics System performance.

The selection of the main segments took into consideration providing a broad view of all aspects of Panama's logistics platform. These segments are:

  1. General Indicators: Panama’s performance based on economic indicators; GDP, GDP per capita, Gasoline and Diesel prices, and Consumer Price Index.

  2. Global Ranking: Panama’s performance based on global indexes in which Panama’s development is evaluated, such as the Logistics Performance, Global Competitiveness, Doing Business, and Liner Shipping Connectivity.

  3. Foreign Trade: Panama’s performance based on trade, imports, and exports, including the Special Economic Zones performance, Colon Free Zone, Panama Pacifico, and Free Zones.

  4. Transportation: Panama’s performance based on multimodal activities of the Panama Canal, Seaports, Airports, Land Transportation and Sea Connectivity.

  5. Special Economic Zones: Panama’s performance based on activities, trade, employment and amount of companies stablished in the Special Economic Zones.

  6. Others: Includes indicators relevant for other entities represented in the Logistic Cabinet, such as MIDA.

Each segment has a selection of indicators that took into consideration four main aspects:

  • Must be relevant for high-level users

  • Should be a strategic logistic indicator

  • Should have the possibility of continuous data update, and

  • Should have comparative and historical data

For now, the access is restricted to Logistics Cabinet members only. 

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