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VACONT: Container Validation Tool



With the leadership of the National Customs Authority and the support of the Logistics Cabinet, we developed the tool “VACONT”, which allows the massive validation of containers to verify if they meet the requirements to complete their flow through the national logistics system, whether they are from transshipment, import, export or transit.

Movements of +6 million TEU transshipment are registered every year in the Panamanian port system, so this tool facilitates Customs the collection of fees associated with transshipment containers on time by minimizing the exceptions granted by the entity to containers with pending procedures that require expedited passage through the country. These exceptions generate additional administrative costs for the actors, and delays or “non-payment” of the charges.

This technological tool allows, under registration and credentials, to verify the procedural status of containers days before their arrival and significantly speeds up the movement of containers through our country.

Main Users

​• Customs Personnel

• Shipping Agencies

• Shipping Lines

• Transport Operators

• Freight Forwarders

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